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Posted by Barrie Slo-pitch Association at Jul 15, 2018 9:05AM PDT

Reminder to all Teams, Players, Spectators etc. There is No smoking, including vaping at any public sports field in Ontario. If you continue to do so, you could be fined and if need be the township/city etc. can require the league to suspend the team from any further play or risk losing the diamonds completely. That is the Cold hard facts folks. Let’s try to work together.

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Eye Opening Experience, please Read

Posted by Greg MacDonald at Jul 9, 2018 6:36PM PDT

Good evening to everyone in the Barrie Slo-pitch Community. I have some very disturbing news to share. Something happened tonight at the Georgian College Diamonds that has left me sick to my stomach and very, very concerned about our society and all the young people that come to watch parents / guardians / aunts / uncles etc at our games. PLEASE. PLEASE Read and Be AWARE, it can happen to you too!

Names etc. are not being supplied so as not to create issues with the family, but this DID happen tonight:

At approximately 7:00pm tonight at the Georgian diamond a young man approached 2 children aged 5 and 4 touched them on the head and asked them their names and inquiring about personal things about them. One of the fathers DID (thank God) notice him and started up the path to see what was going on. At this point the young man bolted from the scene. YES NOTHING HAPPENED, but it could have, PLEASE be diligent regarding your children and always be aware of any possible threat to them. I just had my grand daughters over for supper and got this news a couple of hours later, I shutter at the thought of any harm coming to them or anyone else’s child. Let’s not let this affect our game and the camaraderie that surrounds our game, but just be diligent.

City police and College security have both been notified, hopefully video surveillance of the area will provide a lead.


Posted by Efrem Gomes at Jun 23, 2018 4:04PM PDT

Hey Sunday Evening Supporters! Captains were emailed the following about logistical updates to team schedules:

Hey Guys, just a reminder that Sunday Evening scheds were updated by June 20th, (were done Tuesday June 19th), so please ensure your teams are aware of any logistical updates! Some teams don’t have any changes, and some that were realigned obviously have a bunch.

Best of luck in the rest of your season!

From: Barrie Slopitch Association – Efrem []
Sent: June 15, 2018 5:58 PM
Subject: Upcoming Sunday Scheds & Revisions

Good Evening Fellow Captains!

Just a quick note to mention that we’ll be revisiting schedules over the next week so just a quick ask that although probably about 95% of you have gone through their whole schedules already to doublecheck, but just in case you haven’t could you please have a look at your schedules?

We’ve been working with Teampages Support and there are a few instances where there’s been some rearranging been done that have resulted in a few instances to be fixed. There are many variables to be considered but ultimately each team:

- Should have no more then 2 games in a day;
- Doubleheaders are back to back, and at the same park to help logistically;
- Should have an exact total of 14 games and postponed games will be revisited in the future and scheduled closer to the end of your regular season in order to arrange logistics conveniently for teams;
- Everyone should play everyone else in your division at least once

Please reply back over the next couple days if any of the conditions listed above are not the case at this time, with as much detail as we will 100% effort that this is looked into. We’re ready to make a few changes but further confirmation never hurts in order to get things as perfect as we can! You only need to reply if any of the 4 conditions above aren’t the case. In most cases the updates will be minor and all Sunday schedules should be updated by June 20th 2018 so please revisit your schedule on our Website!

Thanks very much for your time, your understanding and hope you’re enjoying a fun 2018 season!

Efrem & Ryan
BSA Board

Reminder to all teams that:
1. all players must wear matching color uniform tops as of June 1st, this is not at the discretion of the other team or the umpire, no matching top, you can’t play.
2. July 1st is the roster deadline, no players can be signed after this date, if you have players that aren’t showing up, now is the time to replace them so they can get enough games in to be able to play in playoffs (7 games minimum)
3. get your tourney entries in asap, June 15,16 tourney coed is full, only room for a couple of men’s teams. July filling fast.
4. Player registration – very important. Every Player in our league and in our tournaments, MUST be on the player registration/classification system on the main page of if you do not register there you are not covered by insurance, you can not play in league or tournaments. This must be completed by the individual, your coach can’t do it for you. get it done now or you could cause your team to forfeit their next league game or tournament game

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7:30 & 8:45 games at georgian tonight

Posted by Greg MacDonald at May 13, 2018 8:54AM PDT

Attention everyone, the 7:30 and 8:45 games scheduled for Georgian diamond tonight are postponed. power is still not functioning at the diamond or the artificial turf field

please inform everyone if you were scheduled to play there tonight in case this message does not reach them from teampages. if you were to play at 7:30 or 8:45 tonight, you do not play! enjoy your day off, games will be added in later in the season with rainouts etc.