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Last Call for Banquet Tickets!

Posted by Barrie Slo-pitch Association at Oct 12, 2018 5:21AM PDT

This is your last call for banquet tickets. Tickets cost $10 each. Please send your list of attendees with your EMT to by Tuesday. Final numbers need to be given to the hall on Wednesday. You can also pay in cash by dropping your cash off with your list of attendees to any board member.

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Posted by Barrie Slo-pitch Association at Oct 1, 2018 5:55AM PDT

The Fall AGM and End of the Year Banquet will be held on October 20, 2018 at the Lion’s Gate Banquet Hall, 386 Blake Street, Barrie, ON L4M 1L3.

The mandatory meeting will be held at 1:00 pm where prizing will be given out to 1st and 2nd Place teams in League and Playoffs. Voting for the 2019 board of directors will also take place. Only captains are able to attend the meeting.

The Banquet will start at 8:30 pm. There will be door prizes, a taco bar and Gord Richardson will be our DJ for the evening. Tickets will cost $10.00 per person. This is only to keep track of numbers due to the size of the venue. Captains can either pay in cash or send an EMT to

Thank you to all of the teams for making this season a success and Congratulations to all of the winners!


UPDATE 9/28 10AM – Games have been pushed 15 minutes back to most effeciently use Complex Diamonds. Also Diamonds 9 & 10 have been updated for play. Website has been updated

So Week 3 went according to plan and we managed to attain some games over at the quality diamonds hosted by the Complex!!! Thanks for your patience with that and understand that we are always trying to have you play on the best diamonds!!! The Rec division had a couple dominating performances from Inventure and the RBI’s and will now be playing in the finals!

The Comp Division was a helluva dogfight and every single of the 6 teams, were separated by ONE win! That’s unholy. Since the 3 teams tied in both situations didn’t play an even number of games with each other (In a 6 team pool/3 game format that’s expected), +/- becomes the tiebreaker to determine rankings! And those were close as well!!!

Anyways, schedules have been posted on the site (with placeholders again due to site limitations) and here are your updated standings/games via worksheet!

Games are listed as TBD/TN, but as soon as the Complex lets me know which diamonds we are on, I will update every game with the location/notification. Please check back on the website on game day just in case notifications do not go out!

Congratulations to all teams and best of luck to those remaining! Some of us have had the pleasure of umping your games and the camaraderie is tremendous!





Who Wants Some over Juice Monkeys in the Comp Final
Spartans over the One Hit Wonders in the Rec Final

It was a pleasure running this tourney and from the feedback I heard, many many teams were happy with the split of the divisions early, which ensured they received at least 3 or 4 QUALITY games vs. possibly just one! We proved we could instill this level of quality even in a quick 10 team format!!!

Thanks for your patience, understanding and support of this initiative to give back to our Players!!!

Efrem G.
VP – Barrie Slopitch Association

Did you and your players book off next Saturday/Sunday to play ball?
Are you sad because it traditionally is alot of fun to get everyone together with the summer ending at this time of the year?

SURPRISE!!! A New Coed Tourney has been confirmed for next Saturday the 29th!!!

It’ll be significantly cheaper then most other tourneys and a quick one day! The diamonds were necessary for our League to reserve for our Sunday Divisions already so instead of paying cancellation fees, we’re reinvesting the money into a tourney for our players!!! Looking for 8 – 16 Coed Teams so first come first served!

Please feel free to check out the link labelled SEPT 29TH SURPRISE TOURNEY for more background and register accordingly!

See you at the fields! Should be fun!


WEEK 2 - Updated Playoff Standings

Posted by Efrem Gomes at Sep 19, 2018 9:11PM PDT

Well we finally got Week 2 in after some unholy Rainouts/Tornados and Holidays! Here’are the updated standings and schedules were already updated last week. I’ve added placeholders for Semis/Final games. Unfortunately the website is limited and can’t add the appropriate games to your local pages, so please be aware of the games.

The only games unlisted that will be happening is the 4 teams in the Rec Division will have a doubleheader right away. Stats will be tallied up and then teams 1v4 will be playing and 2v3 will play their Semifinal. with the top