Posted by Efrem Gomes on Aug 15 2018 at 12:22PM PDT

PLAYOFF FORMATS are straight forward for Divisions 1,2,4 & 5 with 8 teams in each division:
2 Balanced Pools of 4 will play Round Robin Games against each other, followed by a crossover knockout based on said RR games, followed by Semi then Final. As spoke about a few years ago in the AGM, Division 1’s schedule will be completed with the intention of finishing (early usually) in order to allow for play at the NSA Coed Provincials.

DIVISION 3’s format is somewhat similar just with 13 teams, there will be 2 pools of 4, and 1 of 5. Again a Round Robin style will be used to determine seeding, followed by knockouts. In a 3 game format with 5 or 7 teams, the #1 ranked team in the pool will play a 4th game, with the best 3 games counted towards the standings.

WEEKLY FORMAT: :Just like in previous years. Teams have their regular season games played, followed by all rescheduled games, followed by Playoffs, with any remaining games happening falling on the Year End Weekend of September 28th and 29th. (UPDATE: Same as last year the better ranked team will have choice of Home/Away through Round Robin, and in the Knockout Portion: The better ranked team will be Home).

Scheduling variables include reserving diamonds 30 days in advance, having umps scheduled for at least 2 games, maximizing use of diamond reservations and back to back logistical doubleheaders, so teams may have bye weeks, or logistical doubleheaders. Alot of complexity goes into the schedule with the listed variables in addition to the varying requirements of each division due to weather/ppd’s/etc.

The intention is to have stats/scheds updated in the pic and online Wednesday every week. Winning and tying teams are expected to continue to report scores so please continue to do so within the 24 hour expectation of finishing your game as information is dependent on it! Best of luck in your upcoming weeks, thanks VERY much for your patience, and see you on the fields!


REGULAR SEASON STANDINGS PIC: Will appear by Wed Aug 22nd (After all divisions are done)
UPDATED PLAYOFF STANDINGS PIC: Will also appear on Wednesdays will appear as separate announcements