Posted by Efrem Gomes on Aug 08 2018 at 11:37AM PDT

Hello Sunday Evening Division Captains!

So since some people jinxed our ‘lack of Rain’ throughout the year (LOL), unfortunately having rainouts this late in the year caused a little complexity in late July! Instead of being able to rearrange games so teams in a division are done at the same time, a few teams have more then 2 games left. In addition to other postponements due to lightning and the lights at Georgian, we’ll be using Rainout Week 2 (Aug 19th) to finish off the rest of Divisions 2-5. It’s tricky as factoring realigned games, and doubleheaders come into fruition as well. I attempted to add email notifications for any games changed but just in case teams are invited to revisit their schedules online.

I was able to finish off* D1’s* regular season this Sunday (Thanks to the help of Foxy’s who are accepting 3 games in a day!), therefore playoffs will begin Aug 19th. Seeding will be tabulated and expect to have your first couple round robin games scheduled right away.

D2, D3, and D5 all have games pending and the remainder of regular season games will take place this week and next week August 19th. These games will be scheduled by Wed Aug. 15th to ensure this weeks games take place. With playoffs expected to commence the week after.

D4 has one team that had 3 games leftovers so they’ll play 2 of their games this week, and the final game of the division, next week (the 19th). With that being said, I will evaluate the impact and will schedule other playoff games based on seeding next week (August 19th) so please have your teams ready to play just in case. Just like D1, seeding will be tabulated and posted by Wednesday August 15th). I do this in order to maximize resources!

PLAYOFF FORMATS are straight forward for Divisions 1,2,4 & 5 with 8 teams in each division:
2 Balanced Pools of 4 will play Round Robin Games against each other, followed by a crossover knockout based on said RR games, followed by Semi then Final.

DIVISION 3’s format is somewhat similar just with 13 teams, there will be 2 pools of 4, and 1 of 5. Again a Round Robin style will be used to determine seeding, followed by knockouts.

WEEKLY FORMAT: :Just like in previous years. Teams have their regular season games played, followed by all rescheduled games, followed by Playoffs, with any remaining games happening falling on the Year End Weekend of September 28th and 29th.

Best of luck in your upcoming weeks, thanks VERY much for your patience, and see you on the fields! Sorry for being so wordy in my emails just want to keep you informed.


PS: Any Division 1 teams interested in attending the Coed Provincials

Please use the Inquiries link and let us know. We 100% want to accommodate our teams to represent us, obviously if the logistics can work out, we’re here to help. Other teams are more then welcome to let us know about Provincials attendance as well just we’ve been completing D1’s playoffs earlier in order to allow teams the chance to attend. Cheers guys!