Sept 29th SURPRISE Tourney!!!!

Sept 29th SURPRISE Tourney!!!!

Good Day Fellow Captains, Players & Fans!

With the variables falling into place (in particular the weather) we’ve had this Summer, it looks like we will be finished most if not all Sunday Division Playoffs earlier then the Year End Tourney. As pretty much everyone knows, the Year End Weekend is typically a fantastic atmosphere and usually one last ‘hurrah’ for most of our Barrie Slopitch Association Family. Considering we’re pretty much the league that truly maximizes the full availability of all our fields, we’ve booked the diamonds in advance as a contingency plan to protect against rainouts and other variables!

The City of Barrie’s Allocation Policy, requires user groups to provide 30 days of notice in order to provide a full refund. Being a Certified Non-Profit Organization, rather then waste the money away, we’re more inclined to put a tourney together for our teams!

The tourney will be a COED format and Registration will cost SIGNIFICANTLY LESS then our other regular tourneys, depending on the number of teams (We’re thinking only $250). A typical 8 to 16 team tourney template will be from 8am – with elimination games commencing around 1pm, with the finals taking place around 6 or 7pm (Obviously numbers play a factor here) in a one day format on Saturday September 29th.

Please use this SURPRISE TOURNEY form if you’re a captain interested in registering! Most of our Sunday Leagues players have reserved that weekend for our Year End Playoffs, while some players will be away representing us at Provincials, and this is simply a way to use resources we’ve already allocated to that weekend, for our players! Obviously if the turnout is massive, the fields on Sunday September 30th should be open, however we should be able to get things done comfortably on the Saturday.

Come join us in another celebration of our Sunday Division Season! The invite is extended to all Coed Teams! Feel free to join us!

Please fill out the form below and feel free to EMT all payments to the official League email address of You will then be asked to submit a roster to ensure compliance within a D, E, Rec ranking.
or cancel